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Explorers Wanted

Feb 18, 2019

by Jim Johnson

Recently we were asked if we needed a speaker for our upcoming Good Mate Workshop on April 5. In our workshops we do not have speakers and attendees. We have guides and explorers. The idea of our workshops is to explore and flush out contemporary issues. Our guides, which I am one, only talk for a few minutes to frame an issue in order to stimulate thought.  Then small teams of explorers work on the current issue for about 20 to 30 minutes.  After the 20 or 30 minutes we have a general conversation on what the explorers found. This in not a new concept, we have been trying to perfect this procedure for the last 25 years from our first CHAOS University workshop in 1995.  Much of the learning featured in PM2GO microblogs came out of these types of workshops.  The Standish Group will hold a Good Mate Workshop in Burlington, MA (USA), at the classroom and will run from 9AM to 2PM. For more information go to our event page or sign-up in our store.

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Disruptive Technology is Disturbing

Mar 19, 2019

Almost 99% of current pitches to venture capitalists include the phrase “disruptive technology.”

CHAOS Tuesday News

Good Sponsor Workshops

Jan 8, 2019

CHAOS Tuesday Show #119 is an overview of the Good Sponsor Workshops conducted in 2017 and 2018.  In this show, Jennifer Drake Ford provides a description of each of the Good Sponsor principles, and Hans Mulder follows each description with examples of exercises and feedback from the Good Sponsor Workshops, focusing on the individual skills supporting the principles.  Hans also provides his own commentary on these skills, as well as feedback from Good Sponsor delegates. The show also provides an overview into the Good Sponsor Nanoclass and the types of skills nanoclass participants can acquire. Takeaways are:

  • Definition and descriptions of Good Sponsor principles
  • Brief introduction to the 50 Good Sponsor skills
  • Workshop feedback on the 50 Good Sponsor skills
  • Commentary on the 50 Good Sponsor skills
  • What it takes to be a Good Sponsor

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PM2GO News

How We Decide

Mar 22, 2019

Jim Johnson Snow rates “How We Decide” written by Jonah Lehrer 3 out of 5 butterflies.

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Mar 21, 2019

The Standish Group suggests you listen to CHAOS Tuesday show on inspiration.

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Success Redefined

Mar 20, 2019

Gene Bounds has watched over a number of years a certain evolution in...

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Feedback on Good Sponsor Nanoclass Lesson Set #8

Mar 19, 2019

David Johnson says: A good executive sponsor must be highly resourceful in order to get...

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