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Biden v. Trump: Who Makes a Better Project Executive Sponsor?

Sep 29, 2020

As a request from one of our research members, we have updated our “Would Joe Biden be a Good Executive Project Sponsor?” video by adding our opinion on Donald Trump. This video is my opinion of the level of competency of both men.  

Would Joe Biden be a Good Executive Project Sponsor?

Sep 14, 2020

Jim Johnson appraise Joe Biden’s skills at being a good sponsor using Our Good Sponsor assessment system.

Take a look: 



FlowMate 1.0

Aug 27, 2020


We just added FlowMate V1.0 to the Dashboard: https://www.standishgroup.com/flow. FlowMate is an easy to use real-time information support solution for creating and maintaining work for an single Infinite Flow team. The purpose of FlowMate is to allow you to digitally set-up and manage your Infinite Flow Team.  Once the Team is created, FlowMate connects you and your team to the daily work thus creating a pipeline of work. There are six parts to FlowMate that are highly intuitive and are generally progressive in their movement. FlowMate helps prioritize the workflow and provides instant feedback on completed work for continuous improvement. This feedback allows you to make rapid adjustments and provides clarity on the status of work at a glance. 

Click here to view the instructions on how to use FlowMate.



Flow Management App

Aug 17, 2020

The Standish Group is working on developing a web application to manage Infinite Flow for daily software tasks or very small microservices. There are 6 parts to the application that are highly intuitive. The application is designed for use by a single Flow Producer (similar to Scrum Product Owner).  All members for the team will have read access.  Part one is an on-line form that describes all of the daily tasks. This form is similar to a Scrum story cards with information on what to do, why, who wants the service and other items. Part 2 is the Flow Optimix which is similar to the EZ-Optimix for a single project and Optimix for a project portfolio. Each task form is added to the Flow Optimix. The producer will run the Flow Optimix to generate the next daily work to be done by the Flow Team. This action will send a Task Form to Part 3 the Do Section. The delivery team will then work on the task outline on the Task Form.  When the task is completed the delivery team will update the task form and send it to Part 4 the Done section. These 4 parts are the main Flow sections. The other 2 parts are for building and updating the team and standard reports. The application is run over a database and is accessed through an icon on the premium membership.  The application is free to all premium members.  

Principles of Infinite Flow.

Aug 12, 2020

We just uploaded to the research report section a draft of the Principles of Infinite Flow.  In this draft paper we lay out the basic principles of Infinite Flow (Flow). Flow is a method to manage software development, implementation, and maintenance through a continuous process, rather than doing projects. The Five Principles of Flow are the foundation for this continuous process.  All members can read this paper go to: https://www.standishgroup.com/paper


Note: Since this is draft, please provide feedback.  Send your feedback to jennifer@standishgroup.com.  Thank you. 

Life-long Learning (L3) Certificate

Jun 12, 2020

We are introducing a new feature for our advice section for premium members. We are providing  the capability to earn professional development credits and gain a Life-long Learning (L3) Certificate from CHAOS University and The Standish Group. The process is simple. All you have to do is read our daily adviceblog and reply that you read it.  We have set-up a special dashboard to hold the latest adviceblogs to be read.  You can also have the option to have the daily adviceblog e-mailed to you with a link to confirm you read it. If you read and reply to 10 of our adviceblogs we will give you 1 hour of professional development credit. This credit will in the format of a formal report.  After 60 hours or 600 microblogs we will issue you a Life-Long Learner L3 Certificate from CHAOS University and The Standish Group. To maintain your L3 you will need to complete 10 hours or 100 microblogs over the next year. Please note, our new PDCs are non-organizational specific, so you can apply for credit to any of your professional and/or academic organizations. However, we make no assurances that any professional and/or academic organization will honor these credits. L3 PDCs are only available for premium members: https://www.standishgroup.com/store/premium-membership-and-chaos-reports.html

The Good Place Guide

Jun 6, 2020

The Standish Group is working on a new guide to create and maintain a wholesome environment for developing and implementing software applications and projects. The Good Place Guide will follow the format of The Good Sponsor and The Good Mate with 10 principles and 50 skills. The Good Place Guide will also follow the Good Place Appraisal and  The Good Place skills summary in our CHAOS2020 Beyond Infinity Report with greater details and advice. Over each of the next 10 weeks we will be releasing five adviceblogs that follow one of The Good Place Principles. These microblogs are rough drafts that are for the final Good Place Guide, so please remember this is for you, and provide feedback and any correction to me (Jennifer@standishgroup.com).  Following the adviceblogs and feedback The Standish Group will create a formal Good Place Guide. Thank you for your support.  

Good Sponsor Crash Course Membership Special

Apr 9, 2020

The Standish is offering a Good Sponsor Crash Course Membership Special. The latest CHAOS2020 report shows the best way to increase project performance and prevent project failures is to have a skilled project sponsor. The Good Sponsor Crash Course Membership Special includes the Good Sponsor crash course, CHAOS2020: Beyond Infinity Report and many other membership services. For more information go to the Standish Store: https://www.standishgroup.com/store/


CHAOS2020 Beyond Infinity

Mar 27, 2020

CHAOS 2020 Beyond Infinity: is broken down into 10 sections. In the first section, we start with the three new Factors of Success, Good Place, Good Team, and Good Sponsor. Then we look at the root cause of project failure which is poor decision latency. Then we look at the root cause poor decision latency which is low emotional maturity. In Section 2, We then look at the Classic CHAOS charts. We follow these charts with more charts in  Section 3: Type and Styles of Projects, In the next three sections are details of The Good Sponsor, The Good Team and The Good Place. Section 7 is an overview of the current CHAOS Database. The next section is an overview of  New Resolution Database Benchmark. The Dutch Connection describes the contributions made by the Netherlands and Belgium and their effect on our research. Myths and Illusions debunks some typical beliefs about “project improvement.” The Epilogue takes a look at 60 years of software development. 

 To get a copy you need to become a Premium Standish Member: https://www.standishgroup.com/store/

Virtual Success Ladder Benchmark

Mar 19, 2020

The Standish Group in response to the coronavirus pandemic and customer demand, will perform all single project assessments using all virtual technology. In addition, from now on all single project assessments will be executed using our Success Ladder Benchmark. Our unique Success Ladder Benchmark uses the six steps to review the new software project by narrowing and modifying the pool of projects from our database of 50,000 in-depth project cases. 

  • Step  1: Basic Actuary Pool
  • Step 2: Size Actuary Pool
  • Step 3: Complexity Actuary Pool
  • Step 4: Good Place Behavior modification
  • Step 5: Good Team Behavior modification
  • Step 6: Good Sponsor Behavior modification

The Standish Group is the only organization that can improve your decision process, reduce your decision time, and improve your project value through the means of a statically relevant process.  For more information go to: https://www.standishgroup.com/benchmark

Please note a self-service rough order of magnitude Success Ladder Benchmark is also included in our Premium Membership

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