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New Iron Triangle

Oct 22, 2022

We just released Wisdom Wednesday # 14 and CHAOS Tuesday Show # 135, In this show we discuss Project Management Institute (PMI) change to the Iron Triangle from On Time, On Budget, On Target to Outcomes,

Outcomes, Outcomes.  In this show we have causal conversation with Debra Cote. Deb is a results-driven Project Management Professional (PMP) with experience and education in strategic planning, PMO startup and execution, project management, training and education, document management, technical communications, and personnel management.  In our discussion we look at how PMI has turned the PMBOK upside down from process to results. The focus is on why the change and what it means for project managers.  We talk about how virtual teams works. We also look at the future career opportunities for project managers. 

In this show you will take away: 

  • ·               New PMI Principles
  • ·               Outcomes versus output
  • ·               Virtual Teams
  • ·               Career Advancement for PMs
  • ·               Why New Principles

To watch go to:


CHAOS Tuesday Podcasts

Sep 10, 2022

Our latest podcast #134 was release on August 29, 2022. The focus of this podcast was on strategic planning.  You can listen to it by going here: https://www.standishgroup.com/chaostuesday/podcast/view/id/136

Our strategic plan for CHAOS Tuesday programs was to present a discussion around project management topics that would be both timely and timeless.  

As an example, we released our first podcast, CHAOS Tuesday, on April 16th, 2013.  In Podcast #1 titled Learning from Retrospectives, we looked at resources to learn how to conduct and improve retrospectives. To listen go to https://www.standishgroup.com/chaostuesday/podcast/view/id/2.  

Over the week of September 12, 2022, we will present the first 5 CHAOS Tuesday Shows.  Please let us know if we met our strategic goal of being both timely and timeless.  Write your comments to Jennifer Lynch at jennifer@standishrgroup.com.  

BTW:  You can also see the full list of CHAOS Tuesday programs by going here: https://www.standishgroup.com/chaostuesday/podcast/index

Strategic Planning

Aug 29, 2022

We just released a video on strategic plan and the future of project management (PM). You can watch or listen to the show by going here:


In Wisdom Wednesday # 13 and CHAOS Tuesday Show # 134 we look at the strategic plan and the future of project management (PM).  In this show we have causal conversation with Gene Bounds.  Gene has a unique perspective as a PMI Fellow, former PMI board member and a former board member of the Scrum Alliance. Gene talks about how PM supports the strategic plan.  Gene provides examples of how PM supports the C-Suite understanding the strategic plan. He talks about how both traditional and agile methods can support the strategic plan. We talk about how artificial intelligence/Machine Learning (AIML) and the future of PM and the stakeholder.  Jim Johnson provides an afterthought on how Infinite Flow supports strategic planning. 

In this show you will take away: 

  • ·Strategic Plan with PM Support
  • ·How AIML will change the Strategic Plan
  • ·Traditional and Agile Methods
  •  The Future of PM
  • Infinite Flow and strategic planning


Economics of Infinite Flow

Jul 18, 2022

Over the next two weeks, our adviceblogs will focus on the economics of Infinite Flow.   

The purpose of these adviceblogs is to demonstrate how major economic laws and theories support the principles of Infinite Flow and the Happiness Circle. The line-up from July 18th through July 29th is: 

7-18: Law of Diminishing Returns

7-19 The Invisible Hand

7-20 Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility

7-21 Creative Destruction

7-22 Value is Subjective

7-25 Prospect Theory

7-26 General Equilibrium

7-27 Division of Labor

7-28 Say’s Law

7-29 Rational Choice Theory

These adviceblogs will be integrated into the upcoming Infinite Flow guide along with charts and graphs as examples.

AI and the Project Manager

Jul 9, 2022

We just released In Wisdom Wednesday # 12 and CHAOS Tuesday Show # 133 we discuss how artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML) the project management profession. 

Our guest of this show is Peter Taylor author of a new book titled “AI and the Project Manager: How the Rise of Artificial Intelligence Will Change Your world”.  In this program we will discuss the overview of the book. We talk how AIML will drive projects in the future.  In addition, we talk about what PMs do when AIML takes over projects.  Will projects be more successful under AIML? What about the data feeding AIML, and what does it mean for accuracy of decisions?  

In this show you will take away: 

·      Overview of the book

·      5 AIML-PM things you need to know 

·      How AIML will Change PM

·      What AIML means to PM Tools

·      Should PMs be concerned

You can watch or listen to the show by going here:


The Good Sponsor Influence Guide and Benchmark

Jun 25, 2022

We added the Good Sponsor Influence Guide to the Premium Membership. We also added the Good Sponsor Assessment to the website.

The guide and benchmark are designed to help sponsors of projects influence the project teams, stakeholders of projects, executive leadership, and other interested parties in projects. The guide will also help project managers and leaders influence project sponsors. The guide can be used as a companion to the on-line Sponsor Influence course. In addition, the guide can help to understand The Good Sponsor Assessment, Success Ladder, and Resolution Benchmark components. Used in conjunction with these other components it will enhance your understanding of the maturity of a software sponsor, and it will help you learn how to improve the sponsor project environment. This guide is broken down into10 principles and 50 skills that will help an organization improve the software workplace through enhanced executive sponsorship. 




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Infinite Business Flow

Jun 13, 2022

Our original thinking was that Infinite Flow was a method to manage software development, implementation, and maintenance through a continuous process. We said in our research paper “Go with the Flow Envisioning a Successful Pipeline of Software Projects (1) 2019 by Jim Johnson and Hans Mulder, That Infinite Flow is a service-oriented process that reduces the friction and delays associated with traditional software development methods. The Flow process creates pipelines segmented by very small logical and cross-functional teams. While this part of Infinite Flow is still the same and relevant. Our thinking has expanded to Infinite Flow as an organizational management method that spans the enterprise. This is the focus of this week’s AdviceBlogs.

Types of Infinite Flow Teams

May 28, 2022

The week on May 30th, 2022, The Standish Group will release five AdviceBlogs on the types of Infinite Flow Teams:  We will release each of these AdviceBlog on these days. 

Monday, May 30th

Types of Infinite Flow Team: https://www.standishgroup.com/advice/2022

Tuesday, May 31st

General Purpose Support (GPS) is an Infinite Flow team dedicated to a business unit:  https://www.standishgroup.com/advice/2023

Wednesday, June 1st

Application Development Team (ADT) is a semi-permanent team focused on a single applicationhttps://www.standishgroup.com/advice/2024

Thursday, June 2nd

Enterprise IT Support EIS: is an Infinite Flow Team that is dedicated to a major enterprise-wide applications such SAP.  


Friday, June 3rd

Master of Information Technology (MIT): is a team focused on a critical area of technology.  https://www.standishgroup.com/advice/2026




CHAOS Report Beyond Infinity: a hardcover version

May 21, 2022

 CHAOS Report Beyond Infinity: a hardcover version is a collector’s item.   This 260-page printed book is in full color with hundreds of charts, tables, and graphics. This book is broken down into 10 sections. In the first section, we start with the three new Factors of Success, Good Place, Good Team, and Good Sponsor. Then we look at the root cause of project failure which is poor decision latency. Then we look at the root cause poor decision latency which is low emotional maturity. In Section 2, We then look at the Classic CHAOS charts. We follow these charts with more charts in Section 3: Type and Styles of Projects, In the next three sections are details of The Good Sponsor, The Good Team and The Good Place. Section 7 is an overview of the current CHAOS Database. The next section is an overview of New Resolution Database Benchmark. The Dutch Connection describes the contributions made by the Netherlands and Belgium and their effect on our research. Myths and Illusions debunks some typical beliefs about “project improvement.” The Epilogue looks at 60 years of software development.

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SPA Week

Apr 22, 2022

We are introducing a new segment called SPA week. SPA standing for “Search Preceding AdviceBlogs”  There are almost 2,000 current AdviceBlogs (AKA microblogs) in the Advice Database/Section. The database has an easy key word search and subject matter designation.  Using the subject matter designation of “Clear Business Objectives” we found 109 entries. In SPA Week we will present 5 SPA samples of the Adviceblogs using this designation.  One per day over the SPA week.   


Members can review the samples,  Not a member, you will need to join:





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