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AI and the Project Manager

We just released In Wisdom Wednesday # 12 and CHAOS Tuesday Show # 133 we discuss how artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML) the project management profession. 

Our guest of this show is Peter Taylor author of a new book titled “AI and the Project Manager: How the Rise of Artificial Intelligence Will Change Your world”.  In this program we will discuss the overview of the book. We talk how AIML will drive projects in the future.  In addition, we talk about what PMs do when AIML takes over projects.  Will projects be more successful under AIML? What about the data feeding AIML, and what does it mean for accuracy of decisions?  

In this show you will take away: 

·      Overview of the book

·      5 AIML-PM things you need to know 

·      How AIML will Change PM

·      What AIML means to PM Tools

·      Should PMs be concerned

You can watch or listen to the show by going here: