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Types of Infinite Flow Teams

The week on May 30th, 2022, The Standish Group will release five AdviceBlogs on the types of Infinite Flow Teams:  We will release each of these AdviceBlog on these days. 

Monday, May 30th

Types of Infinite Flow Team: https://www.standishgroup.com/advice/2022

Tuesday, May 31st

General Purpose Support (GPS) is an Infinite Flow team dedicated to a business unit:  https://www.standishgroup.com/advice/2023

Wednesday, June 1st

Application Development Team (ADT) is a semi-permanent team focused on a single applicationhttps://www.standishgroup.com/advice/2024

Thursday, June 2nd

Enterprise IT Support EIS: is an Infinite Flow Team that is dedicated to a major enterprise-wide applications such SAP.  


Friday, June 3rd

Master of Information Technology (MIT): is a team focused on a critical area of technology.  https://www.standishgroup.com/advice/2026