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2022 Predictions

We just released Wisdom Wednesday # 6 and CHAOS Tuesday Show #127 is on the 2022 predictions. This show and the formal prediction report were created by Jim Johnson, Hans Mulder, and The Standish Group, but they were influenced by surveys and interviews of leading technology executives. We estimate our forecasting has a hit rate of 80%, even with some very way-out prognostications. Our 80% prediction hit-rate over the past 30 years has enabled our members to be better prepared.  Every year for 30 years we presented the word of the year. The word year often and in the year, influence many of the predictions.  In the video, podcast, and formal report you will take away:

  • ·      The Word of Year
  • ·      Five Rules and prediction for 2022
  • ·      Bonus Prediction from Hans Mulder
  • ·      Suggested Actions 
  • ·      Caveats

You can watch or listen to 2022 Prediction show by going here: https://www.standishgroup.com/chaostuesday/podcast/view/id/129

You watch the 2022 Prediction on YouTube by going: https://youtu.be/b5TJUhQlyUY

You can download the 2022 Prediction report by going here: https://www.standishgroup.com/files/billboard/2022-Predictions-Layout2.pdf