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Project Sponsor Mentoring


The Standish Group announces a major change on our training program for project sponsors, champions, and owners. The Good Sponsor Mentored training is a structured program managed by a professional mentor. Mentoring is a critical ingredient in improving project sponsor skills. Finding a person to mentor you can be hard. In addition, many former sponsors are neither experienced in mentoring or proficient in sponsoring. The Standish is offering two mentored sponsor programs: Good Sponsor Mentored Nanoclass and Good Sponsor Rapid Mentored Workout

The benefits of the Good Sponsor Mentored program are:

  • Acquisition of good sponsor habits
  • High retention of project sponsor skills
  • Life-Long Learning Credits
  • Confidence in your ability to sponsor projects
  • Special coaching is available

Please see our video for an overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baJ8ERozPsg

For more information, please contact Jennifer Lynch (jennifer@standishgroup.com)