WMSCI 2017

On July 11, The Standish Group and a newly minted graduate student will make two important presentations at the World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics:.WMSCI 2017.  At 1 O’clock PM Professor Jim Johnson keynote is titled: CHAOS Update: CHAOS Update, Nanocources, the Winning Hand, and the root cause of IT Project Failure.  At 10 O’clock AM Eaglan Kurek will present his research on the value of Enterprise Architecture.

July 11 1PM WMSCI  2017

CHAOS Update: CHAOS Update, Nanocources, the Winning Hand, and the root cause of IT Project Failure

Last year, Jim Johnson and Hans Mulder outlined the new CHAOS University System, which is a partnership with The Standish Group, University of Antwerp, and the Antwerp Management School.  This year Jim Johnson will outline the progress to date and future planned efforts.  A major feature of forthcoming programs will focus on nanocourses and lifelong learning events.  The second part of the talk will spotlight new discoveries.  Using the CHAOS Database, we found the root causes of most project success and value.

In the session, we will explore:

  •  CHAOS University progress
  •  Nanocourses and lifelong learning events
  •  The Winning Hand
  •  Marginal PM activities
  •  Root cause of project success & value


July 11 10 AM WMSCI  2017

The Value of Enterprise Architecture

Eaglan Kurek presents his exploratory study on the value of Enterprise Architecture (EA). In his exploratory study it partially answers this question by looking at the value of EA on IT projects. The major part of his research was performed by mining The Standish Group’s CHAOS database. He investigated the success of projects by comparing before and after the implementation of an EA practice. We also relied on previous research. 

In the session, he will explore:

  • Defining Enterprise Architecture (EA).
  • Major attributes of EA
  • Previous EA studies Results
  • CHAOS Database EA Results
  • Future EA research projects

Eaglan Kurek is an enterprise architect and helps companies implement their information and business strategy. Eaglan recently graduated with great distinction from the Antwerp Management School (University of Antwerp) with a Master of Science degree in Enterprise IT Architecture. Mr. Kurek currently is part of Realdolmen, a large independent IT services provider/consultancy in Belgium.