CHAOS University System

The Standish Group (Standish) and Antwerp Management School (AMS) are creating a network of schools, professors, and students to advance the study of what makes software efforts valuable.  The center of the network is the CHAOS Database.  In cooperation with the AMS, Standish will open the world-renowned CHAOS Database exclusively for access to professors and students of the network for research and teaching purposes. The network of Standish, AMS, and other stakeholders is known as CHAOS University System (CUS). Together, Standish and AMS will develop a doctoral and master’s educational program around the updating and extending of the CHAOS Database. The educational program will include learning how to conduct organizational workshops, evaluating projects, and creating project appraisal reports.

The CUS working group will be made up of the first ten universities to join the CUS Network. The prime responsibility of the working group is to recruit and approve new members. The second responsibility is for each school to represent four other schools for purpose of thought leadership and educational advancements. CUS plans to have 40 more schools join the network, for a total of 50 schools. CUS will apply for grants to fund the network and provide scholarships to graduate students back to CUS membership network.

Recently Standish and AMS participated in the 10th International Multi-Conference on International Institute of Informatics and Systemics (IIIS) Conference in Orlando, FL.  The main purpose of the IIIS is to foster knowledge integration processes, interdisciplinary communication, and integration of academic and commercial activities.  Standish/AMS presentations on the CUS network receive very positive feedback and great interest from the professors and schools that made up the delegation.  Please see a short video of Dr. Nagib Callaos, Conference General Chair and Jim Johnson talk about the contribution to the IIIS Conference.

If you would like to be part of this new and exciting program or learn more about it, please complete the partnership and participation application or contact Jennifer Lynch at