“Dragon2Dragon” is a special story for Saint Valentine’s Day. Saint Valentine’s Day celebrates love and is a day dedicated for lovers. Dragon2Dragon is a love story and it is our gift to lovers.  Lovers around the world can rejoice in the knowledge that love conquers all hardships.  For the wantabe lover the lesson is there is a mate for everyone. Dragon2Dragon is also our gift to the children of world.  Dragon2Dragon is written as a children’s story. In Dragon2Dragon we explore:

  • Three basic physics lessons
  • Perseverance pays off
  • There is a friend for everyone
  • Opposites are attracted to each other
  • Being different is not the end of the world

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Dragon2Dragon was written by Jim Johnson

Mike Johnson created the illustrations

Jennifer Drake Ford narrates Dragon2Dragon

Colleen Frye and Jim Crear edited the story

Joe Piccione did the video, audio, editing & production

Music from Shutterstock.com