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Infinite Flow

Infinite Flow (Flow) is a non-project-based software development and implementation environment. Flow is a method to manage software development, implementation, and maintenance through a continuous process. The Flow process is a service-oriented method to reduce friction and delays associated with traditional project-based software development methods.  Flow benefits are many including higher return on investment and customer satisfaction. The more unique benefits are higher degrees of people satisfaction – for example developers would like to know if they are creating value and customer satisfaction. This is a daily occurrence and allows for changes of behavior to be rapid. Executives would like to know if work is being done. Users would like input into improvements. Vendors would also like rapid feedback to make their adjustments. 

The Standish Group has developed reports, assessments and tools to advance the use of Infinite Flow as part of our research and development services.  You can access these tools by becoming a member.  Go here to join our membership: https://standishgroup.myshopify.com