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8 Nanoclasses: Engaging the Business Teams in Digital Transformation Projects

Oct 31, 2017

The Standish Group, in conjunction with the Antwerp Management School, is offering a set of “nanoclasses” in January 2018.  A nanoclass is a 90-minute, single-subject workshop that includes lecture, follow-up exercises, and activities. This set of 8 nanoclasses focuses on engaging business teams in digital transformation projects.   Each will begin with a half-hour lecture including a Q&A session, followed by a 30-minute team exercise culminating in result presentations, and then an open networking session featuring access to professors.  The following are the 8 nanoclasses.

  • ·       CHAOS Results & Winning Hand
  • ·       Good Sponsor.
  • ·       Digital Transformation Planning
  • ·       Resolution Benchmark
  • ·       Workplace Civility
  • ·       Good Mate
  • ·       Decision Latency
  • ·       Negotiation, plus OptiMix

Coach and facilitator professors include: Evan Sorensen, Hans Mulder and Jim Johnson. These nanoclasses are designed for both academic credit and life-long learning. Life-long learners will receive a certificate for each nanoclass.  Master students will receive academic credits.

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Early in my career I was appointed IT Project Manager…

CHAOS Tuesday News

Good Sponsor Roundtable

Jan 24, 2017

CHAOS Tuesday #111: is an overview of our Good Sponsor Roundtable to be held April 25 10:30 - 20:30 including dinner and April 26 from 9:00 to 15:30. All sessions will take place at an Antwerp Management School, Antwerp. Belgium. In The Good Sponsor Roundtable you will join a unique and inspirational forum to learn how to mentor project owners and sponsors. The roundtable features peers, experts, and best practices that will spark reflective action to put in practice. By engaging in The Good Sponsor Roundtable you will discover how to:

•   Overcome the executive ego barrier to improvement 

•   Discover the most important sponsor weakness 

•   How to improve the most important sponsor weakness 

•   Improve the general sponsor skills through our unique exercises 

•   How to rank and benchmark your sponsors 

You will also learn how to help your sponsors move up in the rankings 

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As Bob says, this bio-pharmaceutical company had a great product. They produced synthetic oxygenated blood for transfusion.

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Right Question

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Timothy Chou says, “One of the first things I tell my Stanford class…

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Data as the New Capital

Dec 12, 2017

Mark Donkersloot suggest that Businesses need to…

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