The Good Sponsor Roundtable

How to Mentor Project Owners for Successful Software and IT Projects

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This is a two day roundtable on how to mentor and support project owners or sponsors.  In The Good Sponsor Roundtable you will join a unique and inspirational forum to learn how to mentor project owners and sponsors.  The roundtable features peers, experts, and best practices that will spark reflective action to put in practice.

The project owner or sponsor is the single most important person involved with a project and ultimately responsible for its success or failure.  In addition, the project sponsor is the only person that can insure the project returns value to the organization. The Standish Group’s CHAOS database consistently shows that project improvement and success are dependent on the skills of the project owner or sponsor.  The larger and more complex the project, the more the skilled project owner or sponsor can make a difference between success and failure.  You can lead your company in mentoring and supporting high-level executives in improving their project owner and sponsor skills. You can become an expert in helping develop the next generation of project sponsors.

The Good Sponsor Roundtable will provide you with  high quality sessions in organization at your site in which you will participate with nine (9) of your well-informed and ambitious peers in a learning process aimed at accelerating your and your organization’s understanding of the skills needed to be a good project sponsor. By engaging in The Good Sponsor Roundtable you will discover how to:

·                Overcome the executive ego barrier to improvement

·                Discover the most important sponsor weakness

·                How to improve the most important sponsor weakness

·                Improve the general sponsor skills through our unique exercises

·                How to rank and benchmark your sponsors

·                How to help your sponsors move up in the rankings           


The 10 participants in The Good Sponsor Roundtable should not novices in the field of information technology, but do not necessarily need to be highly experienced at project sponsorship either. It is important that participants have at least some experience with information technology and/or project management and embrace the goal of learning to improve their own and their organization’s IT project success and value. The number of participants is limited to 10 to ensure high quality interaction and extraordinary learning opportunities.

Session Moderation

The Good Sponsor Roundtable will be presented and moderated by AMS professors James Johnson and Hans Mulder. Next to the moderation an online questionnaire will be sent to the participants two weeks in advance of the workshops. During the workshops a Group Support System will be used to brainstorm, organize and provide voting on topics regarding how to organize a Good Owner/Sponsorship. Topics include how to break-down the projects into stepping-stones wth the Standish Optimix tool set.


When participants write a short essay in which they reflect on their learning process during the roundtable, they will receive a certificate from AMS. The Good Sponsor Roundtable is part of a series roundtables in the field of Information Systems Management at Antwerp Management School. CHAOS University System is an initiative of The Standish Group International, Inc. and the Antwerp Management School. Working together these institutions are creating a network of professors and students to advance the study of software project performance and capability in the field of IT governance and management.

Dates and location

The dates and locations of the workshop will be agreed on in advance. 


Investments in improving the skills of the project owner or sponsor will have exponentially return versus other project improvement activities that show only minor to marginally improvement.  The fee for ten participants in Good Sponsor Roundtable is $17,500.  The fee includes all educational material including an, slides, exercises, and sample questions.  The fee also includes a mentor starting kit for 10 owners for each participant. The kit includes 10 copies of The Good Sponsor book, the Executive Sponsor Research Report, 10 skills assessments and benchmark reports. Fee include travel and living costs for 2 professors.  


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